Saturday, 22 June 2013

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream | Review

Hello! Yesterday I was looking at my make-up collection when suddenly I realised I didn't own a single BB Cream! So off I popped down to Boots to pick one up. I browsed the many BB Creams they had there, and eventually narrowed it down to the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (£7.99) and the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream (£9.99).

In the end I went for the Maybelline BB Cream because it was cheaper, I've heard it's very good for dry skin, and I've also ready many good reviews on it.

So here it is in the bottle:

I must be honest, for some reason it does look and feel like quite a small bottle, however it does contain 30ml of product, which is the standard amount of product you would get in a foundation bottle. And as you can see in the photo above, it is the same size, if not bigger, as two foundations I own.

On the front is claims:

  • That it's an 8-in-1 BB Cream
  • That is gives an Instant Fresh-Faced Glow
  • And that it has SPF 30
So neither of my current moisturisers (Nivea Soft and Soap & Glory's For Daily Youth) contain SPF, and I don't use any other products to get my daily dose of SPF, ( I know it's bad ). So when I saw that the Maybelline BB Cream had SPF 30 in it, I was delighted, and it was another reason I was pushed more towards buying it.

The back of the product:

So on the back it claims to 
  1. Create a natural glow
  2. Compliment the skin-tone
  3. SPF30 UV protection
  4. Hydrates all day
  5. Blurs imperfections
  6. Oil free, non-greasy
  7. Looks visibly smooth
  8. Feels fresh
So for someone with dry skin like mine, claims such as numbers 1 and 4 sound very appealing. And with someone like me who also has very imperfect skin, number 5 sounds glorious!

This is what the BB Cream looks like when put onto the skin. Immediately it looks quite dark, (especially on me since I'm so pale), but once blended in it's surprisingly sheer and undetectable. Bearing in mind that this is also the lightest colour that the BB Cream comes in. ( Light )

When I put the product on my face, again it looked quite dark, but once I blended it in with my fingers the darkness disappeared.

Point number 1 said that the BB Cream would create a natural glow. For me, unfortunately, it didn't, but maybe that's because I have quite dry skin. If you have oilier skin then this might give you a nice glow.

Point number 2 claimed to compliment the skin tone. I think, personally, it did compliment my skin tone, ad it blended in well with my skin colour and covered most redness I had on my face.

Point number 3 says that it has SPF 30, which I can't test for, but I'm sure they're telling the truth! This BB Cream is perfect for Summer with the SPF which will protect you from those harmful UV rays for as long as you wear the cream. I think it would also be good if you're skiing, as SPF is super important when skiing, and you can feel a bit more confident with the BB Cream instead of wearing no make-up at all.

Point 4 says that it hydrates all day. I can agree with this, even though I have quite dry skin I found that by the end of the day my skin still felt quite soft and hydrated which is a big bonus.

I agree and disagree with point 5, which said it will blur imperfections. I found that the BB Cream did blur some imperfections such as most redness on the skin, it blurred my pores and any minor little imperfections. However if you're hoping that this will blur any spots, acne or scars, it probably wont. I found that it didn't cover my spots at all, and so concealer is still a must with this BB Cream if you have any spots. I was surprised to see how well in covered dark circles under the eyes, but still concealer was needed.

Since point six said that the BB Cream was oil free and non-greasy, I experimented by going the day without any powder. By the end of the day my skin did look a little shiny, especially in my T-zone area.

I can agree with point 7 that it did make my skin look smoother, and so I think that you could use this BB Cream as a base for foundation if you wanted a slightly higher-coverage look.

And finally point 8. I can agree that it did make my skin feel fresh, and also hydrated. It didn't stick onto any dry patches on the skin, it actually hydrated the skin, making any flakiness less visible, if not disappear!

So my conclusion on this BB Cream is that I like it a lot, and my first experience of using a BB Cream has been very successful. I will definitely be experimenting with more BB Creams in the future, so be sure to recommend any you think I should try or would like me to review.

From my experience I think this product is great for those of you with dry skin, who find that their current foundation or BB Cream just worsens any dryness on your skin by sticking to it and making it more visible.

This is also great for those days where you don't want to wear too much make-up, but you still want some concealment.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this helpful.


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